Referral Program

** How Does It Work? **

It's Easy to Earn FREE Cleaning Visits!

It's a WIN/WIN/WIN for You, Your Friends, and Squared Away!

  • You help Your Friends get rid of the nastiness in their cans by introducing them to Squared Away.
  • Squared Away gets to help a new client.

As long as you are a subscriber to our service and in good standing, you will earn a FREE Cleaning Visit for each referral of your friends, family and neighbors to Squared Away Cans. When they sign up to be a new paying subscriber, YOU earn a FREE Cleaning Visit. Applicable to all of Squared Aways subscription service plans (One-Time Cleanings are not eligible).

The referral program is UNLIMITED! Every new client that you introduce to us will earn you a FREE Cleaning Visit! In theory, your service could be completely FREE as long as you continue to spread the word and your friends to sign up for a subscription.

Sign Up and Refer your friends

Send your friends the picture above or share a link to the website!

How to Get Referral Credit:

Just tell your friends to enter your full name into the "referral section" when signing up for a subscription service plan. We will notify you when you have received a FREE Cleaning Visit.

Have them Sign Up Here

If you have prepaid for your subscription plan, the credit on your account will simply be carried forward.

That's it. Simple. Free!

Existing customer will forfeit the free cleaning credits if they cancel their existing subscription after receiving free cleaning credits before utilizing the free cleaning credit. If existing customer cancels subscription after utilizing the free cleaning credits but before paying for another subscription cleaning, they are subject to a charge for each cleaning that was free (equal to the subscription price).

PRO TIP: Social Media is a VERY easy way to share your love for Squared Away Cans, and many of our clients have earned free cleaning visits by posting on Social Media! Just make sure your friends enter your name when signing up for service!

HOA Facebook Groups and Neighborhood Facebook pages are a great way to earn FREE Cleanings!

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